Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aftersocks Made for Long Distance?
Aftersocks are build for emergency situations like walking a couple blocks to your house or taxi after a long night out. Even though Aftersocks are build with strong premium materials, we recommend only using them for the purpose of getting to your end destination quick ;) The socks are durable and the sole is strong enough, but walking on socks doesn't give you the same "stability" as most shoes do for longer distances.

Refunds or Returns?
Unfortunately, We DO NOT offer returns, refunds or exchanges for hygienic reasons.

Can I was my Aftersocks?
Yes you can! Just like normal socks, inside out, 40 degrees

Are the Aftersocks Waterproof?
The Aftersocks are not completely waterproof, but the sole made from PVC is. Since the sole is barely-there and only for extra protection, we do not recommend standing in deep water if you to keep your feet dry ;)